Returns Handling


Reverse logistics is the flow of goods and products from your customers back to your warehouses. It’s called so because it is the exact opposite of the conventional supply chain, where the goods move from your inventory to your customers.  Reverse or Return logistics is increasingly gaining traction, especially with the rise of eCommerce. Most products that you shop online today are either returnable or replaceable.

Reverse Logistics customised solution 

We offer tailor-made solutions on Reverse Logistics in which effective coordination with end-consumers ensures timely pick-up and delivery of products back to partner establishment within 24 to 72 hours of intimation, every day for 365 days a year - including Sundays/Holidays so that end-customers receive their refunds in a timely manner. 


Quality Check Enabled Reverse Logistics

We offer Door Step Quality Check enabled Reverse Pickup Solutions for various product categories – be it mobile phones, household goods, apparels, electronic gadgets etc. The solution helps to curb return-related leakages and simplifies online shopping returns.  Our dedicated and well-trained trained Associates carry out Quality Checks on products, subject to product conditions and other parameters meeting the customer’s return policy, resulting in faster refund or replacement for consumers.  


Returns Handling

We can process returns for you - exactly the way you need them done. We have the manpower and skills available to handle all kinds of requests.

Accept Returns

Your customers can ship back return products to our fulfilment centers directly.

RMA Handling

We can handle and process your returns and add qualifying products backs to inventory.

Special Instructions

Do you have any special instructions on how you want us to handle your returns?

RMA Processing

Whether you want us to ship back all your returns to you or need us to inspect them and add them back to your inventory, we offer both options. We also offer the option to include shipping labels with your orders so your customers can return orders.  

Multiple Options for Handling Returns

Add Back to Inventory

We can add your returns back into your inventory.

Discard Items

We can discard your items if you don't want them added back to your inventory.

Inspect Items

We can inspect your items when they get returned.

Re-Ship Items

We can re-ship your items back to customers if needed.

Automate your Returns Process!

Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available when you receive returns?
  • Add back to Inventory. 2. Discard 3. Additional Inspection 4. Re-Ship to Customer
How will I get notified about returns?

When we receive returns, we will notify you and you can let the inbound manager know how you would like us to process your returns.

Can you inspect and grade returns for us?

Absolutely. We can do any work request according to your instructions. You can provide work documents or videos.

Do you offer consolidating services?

We can collect all your returns for you, after which, you can submit a request to have all of them shipped back to you.