How is EZ Last Mile Delivery Different from Other ​Last Mile Carriers in India ?

Shippers working in B2B or B2C deliveries face a lot of hurdles in terms of last mile logistics.   

B2C shippers deal with customer availability issues as well at the time of home delivery. The customer might not be home, and two or three delivery attempts might be needed for dispensing the package.   

Most of the E-Commerce Companies in India give Tracking Details with very less information, Clients may have noticed that there is often a significant gap in the time between when the order is marked “out for delivery” and when it actually arrives on your doorstep.

Route Optimization

EZ Last Mile Delivery enables Customers to purchase products with the click of a button with the expectation that the product will be delivered quickly as well.

Real time locations of Last Mile Carrier are a key input to the B2B AND B2C Industries to access the Last Mile to the nearest business Location.

EZ Last Mile Delivery handles every delivery you require: Urgent Delivery, Milk Run, middle-mile, LTL, FTL, scheduled routes.  

Territory Shipping Solution

We connect your orders from hyper-local network to multiple

  • Micro-Pickup and delivery stations, Warehouses, distribution centers across multiple cities in India and finally last-mile Delivery to Customers.

  • With Multi point Pick up and Door to Delivery across 3500 cities in India helps to share supply chain flows and reduce costs. Our warehouse & distribution channel based on customer Interest.