Fulfilment centers

Fulfilment Centers

Store Inventory near Customer Location Located Across All Major Districts in India 

How To start On-Demand Fulfilment  with EZ Logistics

Step 1

Connect your Online store and we will pick your products.

Step 2

We stock and manage your inventory.

Step 3

We ship the order to your customer on Priority Basis.

EZ Logistics (EZL) Provides on Demand ​fulfilment centre across Pan India

EZ logistics’ warehousing and distribution strategy to the next level. Warehousing is the critical parts of the overall supply chain. They are the points where the product pauses and is touched, consuming both space and time. We have it all – be it dedicated long term storage, short term storage or transient/seasonal storage. Technology is the mainstay in our business and all operations ranging from inbound, outbound, and deliveries are managed and closely monitored through our WMS and TMS applications. 

Our rates are very competitive and we strive to keep you 100% satisfied. From warehousing and distribution services to purchase and quality management, we can get the right supply chain in place so our customers’ businesses can move fast. 

We have 5 fulfilment and Distribution Centre across every District in India to cater all your supply Chain needs. 

  Order fulfilment,​ pick and pack by order, SKU, etc. 

1) Replenishment and fulfilment programs   
2) Order processing, Inbound and Outbound

3) Cross-docking and Trans loading 
4) Return management and reverse logistics programs 

5) Bar-coding, Re-packaging, labelling

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Same Day,1-Day and 2-Day Delivery

Provide Expedited Delivery Options for all Tier 1,2,3 cities by reducing Shipping by    Costs by Up To 50%


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