EZ logistics is the Best Health Care Logistics Service Provider Across India.

      Integrated Health Care Logistics Solutions

EZ Logistics are the expert movers of diagnostic imaging equipment including Ultra Sound, Anesthesia, Baby Warmer X-Ray, CT, MRI, and PET systems ,lab instruments including automated sample handling systems, Centrifuges, and numerous other analytical devices and scientific Apparatus that require specialized Transportation and handling.

EZL Health Direct - Delivering Healthcare Products Direct to Customers

Direct to Patient Deliveries 

EZ Logistics offers temperature-controlled, direct-to-patient deliveries of medication for  patients who need clinical trials or pharmaceuticals administering by a nurse in their own home. EZ Logistics will meet your medical professional at the patient’s property on-time, and with the assurance your delivery has been handled with care and in the correct temperature range.


Reverse Logistics

EZ Logistics has developed strategically Innovative reverse logistics packaging solutions that are less impactful on the Medical Devic​es. Pre-built integration capabilities of WMS & TMS that reduce implementation time and cost Real-time order with shipment tracking in real-time with ETA along with the  Route optimization helps you to track shipment effortlessly with Contactless proof of delivery solution.

Pharmaceuticals Logistics

Ambient and temperature-controlled facilities for any Health Care, Pharmaceuticals including Life Science Products

Traditionally, transporting your pharmaceuticals has relied heavily on packaging to keep product safe and within prescribed temperature parameters 

The wrong ​​Health Care Logistics partner can hurt your business.

Shipment Damage

Wrong Item

Late Delivery

Unhappy Customers

Service Parts in Health Care Logistics

When repair for Medical devices is required or maintenance is needed, rely on our service parts logistics.

We can provide fast inventory access and expedited repairs to minimize downtime, helping you to satisfy customer service agreements. 

We can also deliver the critical replacement parts the next day, or in many cases, within a few hours, meeting the needs of both doctors and patients. And our returns handling capabilities help to make your reverse logistics more efficient.


Health C​are Logistics Professionals

We assured that your Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic and Imaging Equipment, as well as pharmaceutical products, trials and samples will be Delivered and assembled where appropriate by our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

All of our workers are required to undergo rigorous training to ensure they can utilize customized equipment and follow strict handling instructions. 

All EZ Logistics warehouses, drivers and certified carriers must have clean facilities to handle White Glove Deliveries, eliminating the risk of contamination.


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