End to End B2B Supply Chain Solution from First Mile to Last Mile 
Gives bett​er visibility of your supply chain

Fast Turnaround

All requests submitted are completed same day or within 24-48 hrs.

Intuitive Dashboard

Run your entire business from a single dashboard


Put together as many products as you need.

Bubble Wrapping

We Add an additional layer of protection to protect fragile items.

No more communication breakdowns

Everyone on the same page

At EZ Logistics you and all your team members have shared visibility into your shipment's status.

Get out of the box

Track shipment and ask questions about a shipment directly on EZL Suite.

Direct access to your EZL suite 

EZ Logistics Helps you to access Dedicated Dashboard directly on our platform.



We provide Logistics services to all sectors and offer a business-to-business contract runs service. This service can be pre-booked in advance by businesses that require scheduled deliveries to be made. EZL B2B Services typically act as an extension of your business and are able to provide professional, tailored courier services to support your specific needs and requirements  

Take control of your shipping documents

Instantly access your AWB

As soon as you book on EZ Logistics your AWB is accessible to share and print.

Proof of Delivery

EZ Logistics carrier integrations automatically pull PODs directly from TMS

Complete Shipping History

EZ Logistics provides accounting with accountability through access to your complete shipping history.

The wrong ​​B2B Supply Chain Logistics partner can hurt your business.

Shipment Damage

Wrong Item

Late Delivery

Unhappy Customers

Save by comparing Price and service options

Lowest price

EZL gives you choice in price, speed, and guaranteed delivery, enabling you to select the best service 

Direct Line ​Hauls

 Direct Line hauls are upgraded with double drivers for NON - Stop / Uninterrupted run..

Metrics,KPI ...

EZL gives you visibility into our carriers' regional and national on-time pickup and on-time delivery performance metrics

Transparent Billing 

EZL suite verifies that the correct freight class is entered for the weight and dimensions of your shipment.

Looking for a reliable ​B2B Supply Chain logistics partner?

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