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EZ Logistics (EZL) Provide On-Demand Transportation Services for Full truck Load (FTL) & Part Truck Load (PTL) acro​ss Pan India, we have a wide range of facilities trucks ranging from 5 feet to 40 feet with the highest safety standard.

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EZ Logistics (EZL) Provide On-Demand Transportation Services for Full truck Load (FTL) & Part Truck Load (PTL) across Pan India, we have a wide range of facilities trucks ranging from 5 feet to 40 feet with the highest safety standard.

Are you Looking for a service that can provide same-day FTL and PTL deliveries?   

EZL is your solution. At EZL, we have a Wide Range of Trucks From 5 Feet to 40 Feet Trucks across 700 Districts in India,   We have developed an advanced platform that allows you to schedule FTL and PTL Deliveries on the Same day you need them.

EZ Logistics Trucks come with the most Advanced Telematics Technology.

EZ Logistics Visual Goods Tracking with GPS helps to monitor from Warehousing process of incoming/outgoing goods to the truck

we have a door sensor and electronic locking System along with GPS Assist to help in Maximum Security for your cargo with additional features like Shock detection, temperature/ humidity control.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System To Avert Accident 

For High-end products, we have a body camera for the delivery agent so that false claims/theft can be overcome.


Double Drivers

Double-Triple driver for safer and faster deliveries

Escort Services

Our Escort Services helps in checking driver driving Behavior to prevent accidents, Waybill Validity for every 100 Km.

Closed Container 

 Closed body waterproof vehicles to protect cargo with one time Lock Seal and ensure 0% pilferage, damage or shortage of cargo.

24/7 control Tower

Real-time vehicle tracking through control centres 24×7 customer care 

Fixed Price

Fixed pricing even during peak season 

GST Input Credit

Since EZ Logistics is Being Registered in Every state of India, Maximize with a 12% input tax credit

Transportation Trucks for Suppliers, Distributors & Manufacturers

The EZL platform is designed to make transport trucking easier for suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers 

you can get more efficient deliveries, reliable deliveries, and save money at the same time.  No matter what size business you’re running, EZL can completely take over your delivery needs

Trained And Background Checked Local Drivers

When you use EZ Truck, you’re getting matched with drivers who are more than qualified to handle your deliveries. We have drivers all over the nation, who are familiar with your area and sometimes even with your Industry. Drivers go through a background check and training.

The wrong ​​Transportation logistics partner can hurt your business.

Shipment Damage

Wrong Item

Late Delivery

Unhappy Customers

Express Cargo / LTL/​ Partial Load (PTL)

Partial truckload transportation is the ideal and most economical transportation option allow you to save up to 50 per cent on your freight costs
Dedicated Part Load Shipment

With our dedicated fleet utilize the correct vehicle for every shipment to avoid Transit Damage.

Real-Time Tracking 

Customers can use AI-Powered Tracking by tracking the location of partial load shipments in real-time.

Cost-Effective Solution

Cargo Model Price starts at Rs 10/ kg   we can source the most efficient and cost-effective transport solutions for part loads.

Timely Delivery

Our Transit Time from NBD 10 am and SBD 10 am for remote Location  we can quickly facilitate your requirements and provide a solution that ensures your goods arrive at their intended destination in a timely fashion 

Reduced Multiple Stops

we reduce the transit time by optimizing the loading – offloading time at various stops on the delivery routes.

Dedicated Route Plans

Powered by the most accurate routing plans, we provide consumers with predictive estimated-time-of-arrivals and accurate delivery notifications.

Digital Hubs

Our AI Intelligence helps in coordinating multi-drop haulage for an effective delivery solution

Multiple Pickup Centers 

We have the capability and proven expertise to pick up any load from any location and deliver it anywhere across Pan India 

Transparent Billing 

Our company works in the transparent cost upfront with our clients. We are a GST compliant company & ensure that our customers see the best value through our services.

Common Problem Client faces while transportation  of Less than Partial Load , Truck Load Shipments

Transit Damage occurs at  LTL Shipments

Most of Cargo Shipment gets damage when the shipment is being transferred from one hub to another transit hub

Dedicated LTL Services

Protect items while in transit

Billing Surprises

Most of the Cargo Carriers add additional fees such as False Delivery attempts, Door to delivery, ODA  etc.

Single Pre-negotiated

Price with ​no additional cost, as a result, we provide transparent pricing for our customers.  

Missed Pickups and Delays

Which occur commonly with LTL than a full truck load. Miscommunications between the driver and dispatcher, and shippers detaining driver. 

Real Time Tracking

By utilizing our Latest On-Demand  Express Cargo Tracking Technology system customer can monitor all the activities from pickup to the delivery location.


Most of the Cargo Service carries doesn’t have a proper track on the LTL Shipment since the move from one carrier to another carrier

Visual Monitoring system

We use our own Vehicle with Visual Monitoring system to track all the LTL shipment as well as Client is given in single tracking number from pick up to delivery 

Looking for a reliable ​Transportation logistics partner?

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