Automotive Logistics 

EZ Logistics provide On-Demand Logistics Solution for Automotive Industry to access our warehouse and Trucks near to their Location which results in Cost-cutting/time saving for the clients.

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Our Automotive Supply Chain Specialists monitor the stock of parts available with the vehicle manufacturer and replenish it as per the planned schedule. They also coordinate with the ‘Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) and ensure sufficient stock availability at our Warehouses

Our unique Tracking Management system captures your invoice number and quantities of all transactions giving you complete visibility of your From First Point Pickup to Last Mile Delivery

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Logistics and courier services for the automotive industry

Are you looking for an auto logistics provider? Through EZ Logistics India, you can get solutions tailor-made for your automotive business. Whether you need to optimise finished vehicle logistics or organise automotive parts shipping and warehousing, we are here to help. Our Pan India logistics network will ensure that your components and vehicles are transported quickly and securely. Get the automotive logistics services your company deserves right now!

Why EZ Logistics in Automotive Industry ? 

The multi complex structures and supply chain of the automotive industry impose big challenges on logistics services, and require expertise in the design of supply chain management, process planning and operations efficiency. This is because the delivery of components from numerous companies in different States of India must be carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process

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Benefits of our automotive logistics services

The automotive industry demands flexible logistics solutions that combine wide coverage and fast transit times. At EZ Logistics India, we can help meet your clients’ demands by delivering on time and cost-effective courier services for the automotive industry. When organising logistics services for automotive parts, you will get multiple benefits:

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Transport shipments of any size
Warehousing for automotive parts
Real-time tracking of your shipment
A dedicated team of logistics experts

Automotive logistics solutions for all types of companies

Our wide range of automotive logistics services allows you to get the right solutions for your business needs. We have proven experience in transporting vehicles and auto parts across Pan India for suppliers, dealers and shops. Examples of companies:

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The wrong ​​​Automotive Logistics partner can hurt your business.

Shipment Damage

Wrong Item

Late Delivery

Unhappy Customers

Vehicle Manufacturers

Auto Repair Shops

Car Dealers

Auto Parts Retailers

Automotive courier services for your needs

Transportation solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:

Hyper local Service

Fast Local deliveries within Same-day Delivery

Online courier 

For Pan India Deliveries

Transportation Service 

Efficient transport for bulky and heavy loads

Hand Carry courier

Hand-carry service for urgent shipments

Comprehensive automotive logistics solutions in a single place

EZ Logistics India is the digital tool you need to optimise your automotive logistics processes. Here, apart from automotive courier services, we provide free tools which will help you to digitalise your logistics operations and streamline the workflow. From auto parts delivery services to finished vehicle logistics, our platform combines solutions to meet all automotive industry challenges. With our extensive logistics network, we manage to organise the transport of all types of fleets and auto parts by road or air.

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Automotive parts warehousing services

Warehousing is an essential part of the automotive industry. To deliver high-quality aftermarket services, businesses need to have well-organised warehousing and distribution operations. With EZ Logistics India, you do not need to spend time searching for the best automotive parts warehousing solution on your own. To request the service, contact our experts specifying your requirements, and we will provide a quote for automotive parts warehousing within just a few hours.

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Is tracking available when booking automotive courier services?

All the shipments booked through EZ Logistics India can be tracked online. We understand how vital it is for your business to know the shipment location at any time. After booking the service, you will receive all the information regarding your shipment, including the tracking number, by email. To see where your shipment is now, insert this number in our tracking Platform

Does EZ Logistics India provide PAN India shipping for auto parts?

Yes! Whether you are looking for automotive logistics services to transport your components or spare parts in India, we will find a solution for you. Our courier network covers more than 18000 Pin codes around the India.

Is it possible to organise same-day auto parts delivery?

Yes, we offer urgent automotive logistics services with same-day collection and delivery on some routes. For international deliveries, opt for our Express service, and you will manage to deliver auto parts to your customers in only 24-72h.

Can I book an Hand Carry courier service for shipping automotive spare parts?

Yes, the Hand Carry courier service is ideal if you need to ship urgent parts and your business simply cannot wait. The courier will take your auto parts on board on the next flight out to the chosen destination.

Looking for a reliable ​​Automotive logistics partner?

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