Online Courier Services in ​​Kurnool

EZ Courier is the  Top Courier service in ​Kurnool

India's first AI-Powered Digital Logistics which offers automated Shipping solutions from warehouse to Last-Mile Delivery across Pan India. Logistics services for E-commerce, B2B, B2C, Hyperlocal Bike, and FTL services with real-time Live tracking from warehouse to Last Mile.we promise 24-hour guarantee delivery across pan India.

Part Load Freight

Especially designed to fulfil requirements of Indian Customer market and customer's Cost Reduction needs. 

 If you are looking for a cheap courier service in India that has the most extensive coverage across the nation


Express Cargo

Express logistics helps in the quick and safe delivery of goods to consumers within a stipulated time limit from timely pickup and delivery

 If you are looking for a fastest ​courier service in India that provides Same Day Delivery across all cities


Air Cargo Services

Multi model Network helps you to deliver the shipments thru surface and air ,offers seamless connectivity to take your shipment From First Mile to final end customer Delivery.

 If you are looking for best  ​Air courier service in India​ that provides 24-48 hour Delivery 


Express Cargo Service in ​​​​​Kurnool

EZ Logistics provides on-demand Courier Services in ​​​​​Kurnool for all Documents/Non Documents, Strategically located in every district across Pan India so that clients can schedule a Pickup/Delivery at their convenience.

Pick Up DistanceDELIVERY 
0 -750 KM 1 BD
0-1250 KM2 BD
0-1750 KM 3 BD
0-2250 KM4 BD
0-3000 KM5 BD
0-3500 KM 6 BD

Transportation Services  in ​​​​​​Kurnool

EZ Logistics (EZL) Provide Transportation Services in ​​​​Kurnool for Full truck Load (FTL) & Part Truck Load (PTL) across Pan India.

Are you Looking for a service that can provide same-day FTL and PTL deliveries in ​​​​​Kurnool?

EZL is your solution. At EZL, we have a Wide Range of Trucks From 5 Feet to 40 Feet Trucks across 700 Districts in India,   We have developed an advanced platform that allows you to schedule FTL and PTL Deliveries on the Same day you need them.

EZ Logistics Trucks come with the most Advanced Telematics Technology.

EZ Logistics Visual Goods Tracking with GPS helps to monitor from Warehousing process of incoming/outgoing goods to the truck.


Last-Mile Delivery In ​​​​​Kurnool

Shippers working in B2B or B2C deliveries face a lot of hurdles in terms of last-mile logistics.

B2C shippers deal with customer availability issues as well at the time of home delivery. The customer might not be home, and two or three delivery attempts might be needed for dispensing the package.

Most of the E-Commerce Companies in India give Tracking Details with very less information, Clients may have noticed that there is often a significant gap in the time between when the order is marked “out for delivery” and when it actually arrives on your doorstep.


Hyper-Local Logistics Services in ​​​​​​Kurnool

EZ Logistics Client App that provides Hyper Local Logistics Solution. We have a wide range of vehicles (2-wheeler, Trucks from 7 ft -40 ft) for all your Logistics Needs for Intra City & InterCity.


Looking For Ecommerce Fulfillment In ​​Kurnool?

Kurnool is home to a lucrative eCommerce market, but if you want a smooth and worry-free experience, it’s essential to partner with the right fulfillment company. 

We support a large number of major Pan India  brands who moved to us from other fulfillment companies in ​​​Kurnool. As a service-focused provider staffed by eCommerce experts, EZ  Fulfilment can also put you in touch with a trusted Management.  

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Logistics platform provides Various Shipping Solution for B2B, B2C in ​Kurnool

One Nation one Price, It’s a single price option for delivery across India.

100% Money Back Guarantee in case of missed/delayed Delivery. 

Free Door pick-up and Door delivery on all 365 days.

Priority surface is available entire India . 

Provides assured Second Business Day (SBD) delivery to remote destinations

24 /7 X 365 Control Room with DEDICATED customer care Services

Why we are best courier services in ​​​​​Kurnool

Single Carrier

Your delivery remains in EZ Logistics possession from start to finish – No handoffs, No third parties

Address Validation 

Prevent shipment delays, Return Delivery, costly wrong-address fees with automatic address validation.

Dedicated Drivers

Your driver will keep you informed throughout the entire process and make sure your valuables arrive safe and sound. 

Exact Status 

The EZ Logistics App removes guesswork and frustration from unpredictable delivery time windows. Enhanced GPS tracking features let you track and trace the exact location and ETA of each shipment through live interactive maps.

Safe & Secure Packaging   

We are experts at offering superior packaging solutions to ensure safety of packages to end customers

Push notifications   

Push notifications are tailored to your needs to help you stay on top of deliveries. Receive up-to-the-minute alerts with adjusted ETAs if a driver is delayed due to traffic, provide notifications prior to a driver's arrival.

Value Added Services

Door to Door courier service from ​​​​Kurnool
Free courier pickup from home in  Kurnool
Free packaging material for your cargo before shipping in ​​Kurnool
Multiple payment option for your courier fee from  Kurnool
24 hours delivery with in ​​​​​Kurnool
Money back guarantee for courier service from Kurnool
Ship anything from Kurnool
Online tracking for courier service from Kurnool
Cheap & affordable rates for courier service from Kurnool

A dashboard provides a comprehensive summary of shipment details, as well as current and future routes, View all shipments with summary and detailed reports.