Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is a uniquely designed solution using pupil identification and detection technology to determine whether the driver is tired, or in an inattentive state, by analyzing the changes in pupil characteristics. Once the system detects fatigue or distracted driving it will immediately send an alarm to alert the driver of their condition. 

While driving, the system will calculate, judge, and determine whether the driver is experiencing fatigue through advanced facial recognition, eye blinking and blink frequency.

It’s real-time detection which will give a voice alert, and alarm to the driver to help maintain safe driving.   

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is designed not only to accurately predict and identify situations where drowsiness and fatigue may be set in a driver but also to alert those drivers so that they can pull over to the side of the road and take other necessary steps to ensure their general safety along with the safety of other drivers. To encourage efficient and safe driving, drivers are screened and evaluated on driving habits. 

We aim to reduce as many accidents as possible. With the help of the care drive’s driver fatigue monitoring system, we can able to provide safety & can able to gain the trust and support of various clients. The program will assist drivers in staying aware of their driving habits and whether or not they are getting off track because of the special focus of the driver fatigue system. Personal monitoring systems like the Driver Fatigue Software are important elements when it comes to working over extended periods, distances, and around dangerous areas.