Visual Goo​ds Tracking System For Safe Logistics

Security is a growing concern in the logistics industry, due to good being passed from provider to provider. Video surveillance helps monitor activity in warehouses and keep track of goods. 

Thanks to innovative video technology, every single step in modern warehousing. Whether warehousing, returns process, picking, or outgoing  goods – by linking video and shipment data, each process can be visualized in the warehouse. 

Unclear returns are now clearly confirmed with our visual goods tracking system. Whether on the same day or after a long reclamation period, the innovative solution provides you with instant answers. 

Our return module links shipment and package data directly to the high-resolution image data of the unpacking process. The image-based documentation from the return module provides you with an overview of the returns process as well as solid evidence. By visual goods tracking system the return process becomes more transparent and the communication faster. 

Using shipment or package data, visual goods tracking system quickly provides you with all the relevant image and shipment information, and in the case of consignments with multiple packages, as a complete image sequence. Optionally, video data sets of complete returns processes or sequences are also available.

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  Key Features        


Vehicle/Consignment Visibility with real-time tracking. 


High definition cameras capture the goods and record the journey of the goods from start to end until delivery. 


Direct quality control and documentation by the image of the goods after opening / before closing the carton or container. 


Timely Delivery with software-enabled route optimization, ETA, and geo-coded delivery notifications. 


Automatic notification at each stage of the entire shipment. §  Validating the shipment and sending proof of delivery. 


Adherence to Safety Norms with alerts in case of route diversion, unauthorized stoppages, or over speeding. Performance Monitoring using MIS data to analyze driver performance, trip performance, route selection, Turn Around Time (TAT), etc.